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Years’ Experience – Full of Knowledge, Trust & Integrity

Push Digits is Different, because we Care

“Our world-class team of Chartered Accountants has a vast range of knowledge and expertise in local as well as international regulations. Our team’s skills will enhance your future by bringing expert accountancy services and guidance right inside your business, to enable you to achieve your goals. Your success is Push Digit’s success.”

Your success, is our success

Your business and success are important to Push Digits. Our team will deliver excellence and efficiency in everything we do, all at a cost that will please you. We are experts in local finance regulations, as well as international financial procedures. We follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) with our work according to your reporting requirements.

These guarantee the accounting statements we deliver, are gold-standard and in accordance with all internationally acceptable regulations.
Push Digits’ ethics and values ensure you will always receive the highest quality work. Your success drives our success.

Your business will be more efficient with Push Digits’ support and leading-edge technical input, making day-to-day business management simpler and more cost-effective. However, they will also deliver time savings, enabling you to spend more time developing your business.

Push Digits’ is not new. We’ve been a leading and highly respected Accountancy Company for more than twenty years, so we understand what you need. But we also listen and respond with professionalism, integrity and trust. We will guarantee open and trustworthy interactions which will develop profound insights between us.

Integrity 95%
Transparency 90%
Professional Care 99%

Our Team

  • At Push Digit’s we take Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seriously, which ensures we are always up to date with regulations and changes in the law, protecting you, our client.
  • Our dedicated partners manage individual client’s business, this ensures deep understanding of the specific needs of the business to guarantee we can answer your questions when you call.
  •  Three of our Senior Partners oversee a range of clients to ensure every single client is supported effectively.
  •  We currently have more than 50 fully qualified Chartered Accountants at your disposal with a support team of accounts representatives.

Trust & Assurance

Building long-lasting relationships with our clients is a key element in Push Digit’s success. Winning a new customer is important, however building a long-term lasting relationship is at the core of our business. The success our clients have is also Push Digits’ success.

This mutual success will lead to long and beneficial business relationships.

Push Digits can only succeed if our clients benefit from our professional relationships. That is why we work hard to ensure we consistently deliver value-added services to every client.


Our Services

  1. Accounting and Bookkeeping
  2. External and Internal Audit
  3. CFO Outsourcing
  4. Tax Consultancy
  5. Financial Projections & Feasibility Studies
  6. Accounting Software Implementation & Training


Why Push Digits?

  1. Push Digits will help you develop, locally or internationally, in fact wherever you want to be.
  2. Our team of experts are available to answer your questions, no matter where you do business.
  3. We always react to your needs – fast.
  4. Push Digits’ ethics, confidentiality and professionalism are beyond reproach; your security is our highest priority.
  5. A highly qualified, professional accountant will always handle your work. It will never be given to an inexperienced accountant or an intern.
  6. Your information is always safe and secure, because we manage all your work in-house.
  7. You can save around 90% of the cost of an in-house Accountant.
  8. Our team will handle more than a full-time accountant would. Including: recording transactions, payroll processing, financial reporting and the regular presentation of management accounts, to suit your timetable.


The Conclusion

Clouds based accounting and bookkeeping is happening NOW. It leaves behind the dated, inefficient and expensive legacy processes you’ve lived with to date. Join Push Digits in the Clouds where you will find a new world of efficiency, cost effectiveness and freedom.

Push Digits may be in the Clouds, but we are down to earth to deal with. Call us now to discuss your specific requirements with one of our Partners.