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External Audit

Making a World of Difference

External Audit, whether required to fulfil legislation requirements for government reporting, or whether to determine value, are extremely important in business. Audit results will play a vital role in qualifying your company for financing, for helping other companies to decide to do business with you, and for determining if diversification or acquisitions will be approved.

External, independent audit from unbiased outside agencies determine the level of confidence held by your investors, stakeholders, stockholders, and employees. Such a report can drive the value of a publicly traded company, change the destiny of executive officers of a corporation, and ultimately decide if a company succeeds or fails.

PushDigits with more than 20 years of experience in the top international markets is providing world-class external audit services in Singapore. Our qualified Chartered Accountants from different countries not only ensure you audit is conducted with professionalism but also ensure that their diverse and international experience is utilized while auditing your books.

Integrity, Honour, Trust

While there are many auditing firms in Singapore, few can offer the decades of international and worldwide experience delivered by PushDigits. We provide an extensive range of audit and assurance services to businesses, SMEs, and Large Enterprises operating across many different industries.


More importantly for you, our reputation as utterly reliable gives your audit results more impact. When an audit bears our firm’s name, banks and financial institutions know they can rely on our reputation for accurate, unbiased reporting.  They know that when PushDigits says it, it’s true!

Proven Expertise

Our staff members have been carefully selected, over many years, and from international sources, to make certain that we have the widest possible range of expertise, in every category of business. We’ve done it all, from diamond & gold exchange to the petroleum industry; from movie-making to the commodities markets; from investment banking to real estate. With all of our professionals, you won’t find a single business model where we don’t have expertise—and it is all at your disposal.

Don’t settle for second best

Singapore in an important international trading hub; the world relies on our business people to conform to international legal requirements. All of our financial auditors can competently apply the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Singapore Financial Reporting Standards, and US GAAP so that reports are relevant, comparable, and consistent with any similar report in the world. It must be because it is an international standard.

Not all the accounting firms in Singapore have international presence, we are present in more than a dozen countries which allows you to use the same audit firm for your international offices. This makes the combination/consolidation of audit reports easier and faster.

Dedicated Professionals

Even fewer auditing firms provide our dedication to personal service that will maximize your operation’s efficiency. Unlike other audit firms in Singapore, we will find solutions to make you a success in Singapore, and in all of your international interactions.

We want you to succeed, and we possess the knowledge and experience to help you navigate and conform to all the legalities for a properly run business. We offer the experience which you need to succeed!

The Takeaway

A bigger auditing company might not dedicate the time, resources, or people to serve you effectively. A smaller firm may not possess sufficient resources to handle your volume of business. The best decision you can make is to select a right-sized Auditing Firm in Singapore to serve you, and that Accounting and Audit Firm is PushDigits.

Give us a call today, and let us show you how we can make your business reporting better! We would love to hear from you and answer any of those vital questions you might have.