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Internal Auditing

Self-awareness means Profitability

Internal audit is the backbone of any company as it ensure sufficient internal controls are created and implemented accross all the departments of an organization. Annual Financial Reports should contain no surprises—the key to a successful company is predictability. On the other hand, a company cannot rely on a single annual report to tell their story; nor can they use such a document to steer the company towards success.

Even when you are on the leading edge of technological development, you should still know what your costs are. Without that information, it is impossible to decide whether an aspect of your business is an unrewarding money-pit or a worthy investment in the next “greatest gift to humanity”.

We Can Help

PushDigits is all about getting you the information that you need-to-succeed in either your day-to-day tasks, or your most innovative areas of exploration and development. We can show you where the money was, where it is, when it is coming, and where it is going. That is what enables you to make smart decisions and achieve the maximum effectiveness possible.

Quarterly reports are an excellent tool, but far more important is day-to-day reporting that keeps executives in touch with what is happening throughout the company. You know the old expression about “the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing”, and that can lead to serious problems while navigating the sea of business relationships and responsibilities.

Our Toolbox

Aside from our incredibly talented PushDigits staff, we are future-ready because our toolbox includes the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence (AI) support, which can spot errors that any of your staff members could overlook. The AI can (for example) find subtle relationships where delivery or transit redundancies are wasting lots of money every year.

If any problem is costing you $1,000/hour, do you really want to wait until the month-end report is ready to find out about it? Wouldn’t it be better to know about it today?  Redundancies of any kind hurt your business in terms of money, productivity, customer satisfaction, or public respect.

To learn more, see our blog article that describes the importance of this amazing AI technology!

Internal Audits

When something is amiss, we can help you discover those problem areas and get you back on track. Of course, it’s not all about forensics and problem remediation. It is also about being aware of your current financial status.

If you’re looking to diversify, expand, or consolidate, you have to know the answer to the most important question: Can you afford it?  And if you do reach that goal, will you be able to finance it, for as long as necessary, until it becomes self-sustaining and profitable?

Your executives, stockholders, stakeholders, and your customers would certainly appreciate it if you did not guess or estimate whether the plan is viable.  That is the great thing about Internal Audits. They are not legally mandated, but instead, they are the sign of a company seeking knowledge about itself. They are evidence that the people in charge actually understand their own company, and the impact of their decisions. Our Internal Audit Services in Singapore will cover everything you need to secure your operations and business at large.

The Takeaway

Internal audit is a fundamental requirement for every business, large or small. You cannot function without reliable, accurate, and timely internal auditing. PushDigits provides professionally-qualified internal auditors in Singapore, who have experience working across diverse industries and sectors, and in countries from all over the world, so we always have a talented staff member who has precisely the answers you need.

As a result, you get access to a pool of superb knowledge—at an unbeatable price—and an unmatched level of expertise. Call PushDigits today and let us show you how we can provide just what you need, and at just a small fraction of the usual costs. We would love to hear from you!