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CFOs are not just for the Big Corporates

Expertise When You Need It

Are CFOs Unaffordable?

Most small companies think they can’t afford a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and they are probably correct when it comes to a fulltime professional. Instead they rely on Chief Accountants that may have read the autobiographies of iconoclastic leaders in the financial game. The company gambles that their financial advisor has picked up enough hints and clues so that when it’s time to make a decision they will guess correctly. That is not often successful.

It’s unrealistic to expect that a truly qualified CFO, who earns millions of dollars per year in order to make companies rich, is going to be successfully second-guessed. The CFO has decades of experience, and understands the nuances of investment and money markets that are constantly in flux.

Why Outsource?

Is a CFO just a glorified accountant? Absolutely not! The Chief Financial Officer is a highly experienced professional with an extensive career centred on more than just counting money. They show you how to create the opportunities to make money.

There is not a Large Enterprise in existence today that can function without a CFO. The job is simply too complex to leave in the hands of other corporate officers.  Without a CFO it could be weeks or months before a company-destroying problem is unearthed, by which time it might be too late to fix it. Outsourced CFO services in Singapore is therefore very common and widely used, and must be used for good.

How does a CFO help?

Are you out of compliance with tax regulations? Are delinquencies compromising your ability to meet your own financial obligations? Aside from finding you new ways to increase corporate profits, the CFO’s job is to make you aware of processes or decisions that are leading the business astray.

What Does a CFO Do?

Your outsourced CFO is a highly qualified professional with years of experience. He is someone who provides actionable strategic advice, precisely when you need it! All of our CFOs are professionals, including Chartered Accountants, Financial Analysts, and Financial Experts who have all worked alongside Multinational Corporations.

Cash Flow

They can identify financial chokepoints such as delinquent accounts, slow payers, credit overextensions, or other impediments to good cash flow. Businesses need money to move in order to pay for day-to-day operations, and your virtual CFO will get you back on track.

Growing Your Business

If you’re looking to expand, consolidate, or merge, your virtual CFO or outsourced CFO can help you figure out the best financing. Funding growth may derive from borrowing, selling assets, stock offerings, investments, or many other alternatives. They can show you what’s best for your business.

Future Forecasting

A successful business requires an intimate understanding of its current financial status through reliable Reporting. With this vital data in hand, your outsourced CFO can provide a look at the future of your organisation; they can show you where you’re headed; most importantly, they can show you what you can expect to find when you arrive.

So Much More

There are hundreds of smaller, more subtle ways in which an outsourced CFO can contribute. He can participate in Board activities, guide outsourcing decisions, prepare financial reports, manage budgeting and forecasts, create management plans, perform system, procedural, and personnel reporting, or produce cash flow reviews, and prepare appropriate recommendations.

Advice on strategic planning, acquisition management, and asset disposal can all contribute to increasing your bottom line. Your outsourced CFO can even interface with investors as your Liaison Officer, often considered part of the CFO’s function.

How Does CFO Outsourcing Work?

CFOs bring experience from multiple markets worldwide. They have worked in different countries, understand different financial outlooks, aims, and goals, and they are conversant with different laws and regulations from all over the world. They bring all this experience to your specific situation so you can learn how to fill all your business decision-making with sound financial practices.

Pushdigit’s outsourced CFO will teach you how to be more competitive, productive, and efficient, while at the same time working to eliminate business risks. He will show you how to identify the good aspects of your development ideas, and then aid in their implementation for the best chance of success. He can spot the opportunities for minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

Economy and Convenience

The best part is that all this comes to you with the ease, affordability, and reliability of Outsourced CFO services.  Your Outsourced CFO is always available, worldwide, 24/7/365. How is this possible? It comes courtesy of free access to our Video Conferencing System. It’s just like being there! If you have an internet connection, you can speak face-to-face on your laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone.

If you need your CFO to attend (or even address) a meeting, use a big screen or projector and let everyone see! The modern internet is so fast and efficient that you can speak to someone on the other side of the world with virtually no delay.

That’s fine if you prefer our CFO to meet you or any stakeholder in person anywhere in Singapore. We operate in almost all the continents.

The Takeaway

Great financial advice in the past was limited to very wealthy companies that could afford the very best financial professionals to provide advice. Now medium and even small businesses can have access to top-ranked professionals on an as-needed basis, at just a tiny fraction of the cost of a fulltime CFO.

There is no need now to settle for second best—you can have the same advantages as the major players when you need sound financial advice. Give us a call today, and let us tell you more about how an Outsourced CFO can level the playing field with your largest competitors.